Community Led Local Development (LEADER) is an important element of the framework for supporting rural development in Ireland. Jointly funded by the EU and the Irish Government this approach has supported the sustainable development of rural areas throughout the country since it began in 1991. This unique approach to development ensures that all members of rural communities have the opportunity to participate in decision making at a local level through the formation of Local Action Groups and the design and implementation of local development strategies.

Through these strategies Local Action Groups determine the needs in a local area and make decisions on what types of investment are best suited to address those needs. The LEADER elements of RDP 2014-2020 will provide €5,261,600.01 over the lifetime of the programme to support the sustainable development of rural communities in County Kildare.

The three programme themes are:

  1. Economic Development, Enterprise Development and Job Creation
  2. Social Inclusion
  3. Rural Environment

The following link provides a summary of the LEADER Programme

The proposed Kildare RDP LEADER Plan was approved by the LCDC and is currently being assessed by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.  It is expected that the assessment will be complete in early June 2016.  The LCDC anticipates that the RDP LEADER programme for Kildare will commence later this year.


The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
Community Led Local Development (LEADER) Programme

LEADER Programme