The purpose of the Kildare Local Economic & Community Plan 2016-2021

The purpose of the Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) is to set out, for a six-year period, the objectives and actions needed to promote and support the economic development and the local and community development of Kildare. These actions will be agreed and implemented both by Kildare County Council, directly and in partnership with other economic and community development stakeholders.

What has happened to date?

Early in 2015, the council working jointly with economic and community stakeholders identified twelve key social and economic goals (DRAFT) for Kildare, to be addressed over the lifetime of the plan. Maynooth University and an Economic Advisor have been contracted to assist in developing this plan. The twelve draft goals are as follows:

  • Population
  • Urban/Rural County in the Greater Dublin Area
  • Economic and Employment
  • Housing
  • Education
  • A commuting county
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Safe Communities
  • Children and young people
  • Community, Recreation, Arts & Culture
  • Environmental Quality
  • Economically Sustainable County

The following documents were produced in the preparation of the plan:

Kildare LECP Socio Economic Statement (click to download)

Kildare AIRO LECP Evidence Baseline Report 2015 (click to download)

Kildare LECP Executive Summary of Baseline Research Report (click to download)

Kildare LECP Summary of Policy Review (click to download)

The LECP Steering Group, have recently approved the High Level Goals for the LECP, which was out for public feedback and comment in August and up to 11th September (view the detailed public consultation plan here) Kildare LECP Stage 2 Consultation PlanAt this point, these High Level Goals are deliberately broad and high level. Over the coming months more specific objectives and actions to achieve the goals will be agreed through research, consultation and engagement with local communities, businesses, representative organisations and state bodies.

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